T.E.Laboratories Ltd

T.E.Laboratories Ltd incorporated 1991 is a multidivisional chemistry company specializing in contract laboratory services, Reagent manufacture and an active Research and Development department with a focus on new product development. Based in Tullow Co Carlow in Ireland the company employs 50 people with a strong emphasis on chemistry graduates and post graduates. Current divisions include;
• A first-class INAB Accredited Environmental Laboratory,
• Chemical Manufacturing Laboratory,
• Microbiological Laboratory,
• Fuel Laboratory,
• Training centre,
• Machine care oil analysis (using tribology for preventive maintenance on mechanical assets),
• Transcheck laboratory for the analysis of Transformer oils.
• Research and development department.
The R&D department is actively working on a range of Environmental instrumentation both independently and as part of large European collaborative projects. The Aquamonitrix instrument is one of the outputs from this department. Aquamonitrix is a nutrient analyser based upon microfluidic technology. It was initially developed by collaborative research by TE Laboratories Ltd and Dublin City University (DCU) and then further developed in the FP7 European Project Aquawarn. www.aquawarn.com. Aquamonitrix is a convenient, portable, deployable water monitoring device for surface water and industrial applications. It measures pH, nitrate, nitrite, phosphate and ammonia simultaneously in real-time, with wireless remote monitoring. This innovative autonomous microfluidic device can perform in-situ calibration and high frequency measurements over long deployment periods. Aquamonitrix has an in built communication system which allows the user to monitor water quality remotely.