A key to this Challenge is demonstrating to developers that there is a robust market for affordable, accurate, and reliable sensors. A large market not only reduces risk for manufacturers, but also encourages competition and innovation that can reduce costs for sensor users.

Help spur the development, use, and adoption of these technologies. Sensors for this Challenge will cost less than $5,000 to purchase and provide real-time data for unattended deployments of 3 months.
Indicate your interest and support below (non-binding). Please check all that apply:
   I/my organization would consider purchasing nutrient sensors if the instruments met our requirements and cost criteria.
   I/my organization would consider using nutrient monitoring services for water if they were available at an affordable rate.
   I support the Nutrient Sensor Challenge. More data and information are needed to monitor and manage nutrients in water.
If more than one apply please use the comment area to explain.