Sea-Bird Coastal

Sea-Bird Coastal is one of the leading nutrient sensor providers by bringing together the Satlantic SUNA and WET Labs Cycle-PO4. The Cycle-PO4 was designed for estuarine research, but has been adopted by many water quality sensor users. For the EPA/ACT nutrient challenge, our team of engineers and scientists has developed the HydroCycle-PO4 to provide a wet chemical sensor engineered for environmental monitoring to enable valid, scientifically defensible results, which lead to better management recommendations. An accurate calibration, NIST traceable on-board standard, traceable factory calibration check, and a 2.3 gP/L detection limit mean you can trust data, line-up grab sample records, and swap instruments with minimal offsets. Autonomous operation, low power, and 5-mo reagent stability enable extended deployments in remote locations. Over 1000 samples per service, 4 samples/hour, and both SDI-12 & RS232 permit capturing high density phosphate data sets. The HydroCycle-PO4 has increased reliability over its predecessor and many wet-chemical sensors, by maximizing data reliability and instrument uptime. Fluidics have been advanced to provide >90% uptime free of bubbles for data quality in high oxygen saturation environments and to ensure it stabilizes rapidly after deployment. Filter life has been extended to minimize clogging. QC flags have been developed to speed up troubleshooting and provide confidence in data quality and uptime. With HydroCycle-PO4 you can know that your instrument is operating properly and justify your data quality, so you can spend your time analyzing what the data means. Our team includes an analytical and environment chemist that serves as a product manager, a mechanical engineer focusing on optics and fluidics, an electrical engineer (emeritus), a firmware and software developer, an engineering technician, a production engineer for manufacturability and scale up, a technical writer for thorough documentation and environmental compliance, and several field, assembly, and service technicians with extensive instrument experience

Sea-Bird Coastal
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Picture: Sea-Bird Coastal Team photo: Heidi Van Zee (Technical writing and Compliance), Mike Dewey (Mechanical Engineering and project management), Jeff Pauk (Engineering technician), Corey Koch (Chemist and Product Manager, Gabe Ryan (Manufacturing Engineering), Bruce Rhoades (Firmware and Software Engineering), Kirk Martensen (Service Technician). Not pictured: Jim Pearson (Emeritus Electrical Engineering), Adam Dutton (Field Deployment Specialist), Bill Howell, and Khanh Nguyen (Assembly Technicians).