Real Tech Inc.

Real Tech Inc. designs and manufactures innovative solutions for municipal, industrial and environmental water quality monitoring. For over a decade, our vision has remained the same: To improve access to water quality monitoring through the development of practical, accurate and affordable solutions. Real Tech’s optical sensors use ultraviolet and/or visible (UV-VIS) light to detect various absorbing substances, allowing for primary water quality parameters such as TOC, BOD, COD, TSS, NO3, UV254 and UVT to be measured in a simple and effective manner. Our patented and innovative technologies solve the inherent challenges faced when using light for analysis, providing a measurement that is accurate, precise and stable. Real Tech’s comprehensive product portfolio includes sensors, controllers, analyzers, meters and a variety of optional accessories to truly meet any clients’ needs from wastewater to high purity. Custom software algorithms bring meaning to the spectral data, giving our clients the ability to take control of their water. The Real Nitrate sensor uses UV-VIS absorbance technology to simply and accurately measure nitrates in real-time without the need for reagents or complex analytical methods. Nitrate ions have a natural absorbance peak in the 200-220 nm wavelength range in the UV spectrum. As the concentration of nitrates in water increase, the absorbance of light in this distinct wavelength range will also increase. Common interferences with nitrate measurement at 220 nm, such as organic compounds, nitrite, iron (II), and turbidity or suspended solids are compensated for by measuring absorbance at additional reference wavelengths in the UV-VIS spectrum where the interfering compounds absorb, but nitrates do not. This multiple wavelength approach ensures a high degree of accuracy and optimal performance from the sensor.

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